Welcome to the Rupayana Bookstore

We are a small bookstore located in the center of Indore just across the Gandhi Hall. Rupayana Booksellers was born out of my father’s passion for reading books and since then we have been trying to spread the same reading habit to the city of Indore!

Our Story

My father, also the founder, SN Rupayana, was from Lyallpur, now Faisalabad in Pakistan. He moved to Gwalior after the partition with just a few clothes in his bag. He was an avid reader, which helped him dream with open eyes. He realized his biggest dream by opening the bookstore.
He established Rupayana Booksellers in 1949 in Jainendra Ganj in Gwalior and later moved to Indore in 1952. He started the store in Rampurawala Building which was then, and still is in the heart of the city. We have been in the same place ever since and if you’ve visited us you know that it’s still the same old store.
I, Hitesh Rupayana, am just trying to fill some very big shoes. I aspire to further my father’s legacy and do my bit in helping people explore the pure joy that books are!

Our name

Rupayana is our family name and was coined by my father, it is a derivative of two words “Rup” which is beauty in Hindi and “ayana” which means resides, “Rupayana” where beauty resides.
Resonating with our name, we hope to introduce to you, the beauty that resides in the sheets that make a book!

Our philosophy

We strongly believe that the worth of a book cannot be determined by its price tag.
We cannot, even if we wanted to, compete with the discounts that the online giants have to offer. However, this has never come in the way of our loyal customers, who stood by us through thick and thin. We pride ourselves in providing unique customized recommendations.
We promise to continue to help you find that perfect read. Whether you want to get lost in the book or find yourself in it, we have you covered. In today’s digitized times, we still have hope that there are people out there who appreciate our personal touch. Those who so far have, a heartfelt thank you!

Our journey so far

We are happy and proud owners of a unique collection of selected genres. Over time, our collection has become more concentrated to the genres that we feel strongly about. For us our bookstore is not just a business, it is our passion. Reading is not just a hobby; it is a way of life.
We have immense gratitude towards each of you who have so far appreciated our philosophy and shopped with us. If you have not yet, we look forward to welcoming you and give you good reasons to visit again!