Author Raffaele Torella & Bettina Baumer
Format Hardcover
Language English

Utpaladeva (Philosopher of Recognition)

The book, which partly derives from the papers offered at the first International Seminar on Utpaladeva (IIAS, Shimla 2013), is the first ever attempt at presenting a comprehensive portrait of one of the most important philosophers of pre-modern India, so far mainly taken into account as amere predecessor of the great Abhinavagupta. Recent studies by R. Torella and others have shown the central importance of Utpaladeva in the elaboration of the Pratyabhijna philosophy, and reduced the role of Abhinavagupta to that of that of this brilliant commentator.

The contributors to the present volume have shown the multifarious aspects of Utpaladeva, not only an outstanding metaphysicion and epistemologist, engaged in a strenuous critical dialogue about all with the Buddhist logicians, but also one of the most extraordinary mystical poets of India. For the first time his contribution to poetics and aesthetics has been duly highlighted.

The book contains two appendices with the critical edition and translation by R. Torella of fragments from Uipaladeva;s long commentary (Vivrti) on his Isvarapratya-bhijna-karika and Vrtti, one of the most important works of Indian philosophy as a whole, so far deemed to be totally last.

This book should generate great interest among scholars of Sanskrit and philosophy for its uniqueness and should serve the curiosity of each and every acholarly reader of Kashmir Saivism

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Raffaele Torella and Bettina Baumer




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