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Author Markandey Katju
Format Hardcover
Language English

The Shape of Things to Come: An Impassioned View

India is in the throes of transition-from a primarily feudal agrarian society to a modern, industrial one. For the transition to be successful, however, Markandey Katju says that the country needs to rid itself of the ills of the feudal days. But perturbed by the growing incidents of communalism, racial and lingual strife, corruption and persisting issues of poverty, casteism and unemployment, he is sceptical of the change arriving anytime soon. He argues that this turbulent transition might last for another twenty-odd years. In this timely collection of his views, Katju suggests that influential politicians and their governance are not enough, but a scientific mission for national reconstruction is the need of the hour to bring India into its own as a developed and egalitarian society. In his trademark no-holds-barred approach, the author holds up a mirror to the citizens of India and where they could be headed-so that from the dark times emerges a shining vision of the nation its people deserve. His forthright and unreserved views in The Shape of Things to Come give an important perspective to judge India’s future.

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Markandey Katju




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