Author Nataraja Guru
Format Hardcover
Language English

Experiencing One-World

Is ‘One World’ a Utopian idea? Or just a dream in a world which today more than ever before stays riven by parochial, deep-rooted barriers : nationalistic, ethnic, religious, linguistic and many other, leave alone a whole diversity of divisive ‘isms’? An eminent exponent of Vedantic philosophy here examines this question afresh to suggest that the one-world dream could become a reality, if Man only learnt to cultivate the unitive vision.

Essentially a vital part of Nataraja Guru’s globally wide educational programme, Experiencing One-World seeks to evolve “one-world consciousness” that tunes Man to look beyond the trees to stars to run on his mind to world fraternity, and to discern the language of audiovisual arts and the charm of poetry – as for instance is manifest in the world of architecture and music.

Spelling out Nataraja Guru’s view of One-World that embraces his long-contemplated perspectives on one world government, one-world economics, world education, one religion, unified sciences and a language of unified sciences, the book highlights the specialties of well-groomed unitive consciousness of a world citizen, who wishes not only to restructure the existing scheme of things, but also to see mankind live a better life – and with dignity.

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