Author Nataraja Guru
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Autobiography of an Absolutist

Nataraja Guru’s guruhood is pure and philosophically correct, making as few concessions as possible to relativistic or social notions. He is a guru of absolutist truth. It is too rare to be popularly understood. It is not the popular conception of the Upanishadic or the a4ramic pattern. It is a new form of guruhood, made for a really global world. The Guru Narayana did the initial spadework here in breaking through the fixed Indian orthodox patterns, as far as he was able in his own lifetime to do so, without entirely destroying the background. His work was experimental, and his success showed the way to the one disciple, Natarajan, to plunge ahead on a wider and entirely universal scale. Nataraja Guru therefore has grafted guruhood on to a global background. For this work the absolutism of guruhood has to be stressed more than the religious or even the conventional yogi aspect as known to India.

Nataraja Guru never wanted a following, least of all of blind believers. He only asks for reasonable understanding of the pure principles for which he stands and not in any cloud- soaring sense either, but in immediately applicable relationship with any or every given actual situation; nor in works but in understanding alone.

His discoveries in the field of philosophy open up a new age in human understanding. Through his genius, for the first time clear sense emerges out of the hitherto baffling expressions of Indian thought, while the ways of Indian spirituality cease to be a mystery. So at one stroke minds are cleared and much delusion and superstitions trickery in the philosophic-religious field are destroyed. How bold and wonderful is his genius in restating yoga as a modem perennial science of dialectics applicable in all fields!

All this sheer original creative labour is of lasting benefit to humanity. As an explorer and conqueror of the high Himalayan peaks of religious psychology and philosophy only vaguely and awe-fully beheld from below, but never climbed before — with the notable exception of preliminary surveys by the Guru Narayana — the name of Nataraja Guru will be forever gratefully remembered, either alone or coupled with the Guru Narayana, as the greatest Guru- philosopher or Absolutist of our time.

Let us, with all others in a unitive company, join in happy gratitude before the Light of the Absolute which shines with a clear and steady brilliance through all the bewildering facets of his rich personality whether as a man, friend or guru. Let us greet him, as befits his name, Nataraja, Auspicious Dancer in the pure realm of the Absolute, with all the deep reverence that one may reasonably offer to another.



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